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Spring-summer fashion trends 2024

Just a few weeks left before summer arrives. The perfect opportunity to dive into the spring-summer 2024 fashion trends.

1. Pastel colors:

Let’s start our overview with the arrival of pastel colors. Pastel blue is the color to wear this summer, at least according to Prada, Bottega Veneta, and others showcased during fashion week. Pale yellow is also in, as shown by the pieces offered by Jacquemus. Paired with clean cuts and fluid materials, pale yellow brings a discreet touch to any outfit.

To blend the worlds of fashion and sewing, I’ve selected a few pastel fabrics that will enhance your spring-summer outfits. I can picture a lightweight, super comfortable strappy dress made from this double cotton gauze offered by my little shop.

Who hasn’t dreamed of sewing their own swimsuit? This pastel coral lycra fabric from Pretty Mercerie would, for example, pair perfectly with the Ketchup swimsuit pattern from Sew la Jupe.

2. Fringes:

Tops or dresses adorned with fringes were seen on the spring-summer 2024 runways, with brands like Burberry and Prada showcasing them. These unique details add fluidity and elegance. Easy to sew, you can easily incorporate them into your sewing projects.

3. Polka dots:

Polka dots, polka dots, and more polka dots. Dolce & Gabbana and Stella McCartney, for example, went all out with this type of print, a print that ultimately never goes out of style. I can easily imagine pairing the Vernazza pattern from Apolline Patterns with a polka dot viscose fabric from “Cousette,” or even the Barcelona dress I made in a viscose fabric from Spotlight, creating a summer outfit that is both comfortable and elegant.

4. The pencil skirt:

Although it never really left us, the pencil skirt is making a comeback this season. The emergence of the pencil skirt dates back to the 1940s. Designed to adapt to fabric rationing and meet the needs of the active woman, the pencil skirt embodies both femininity and functionality. It was couturier Christian Dior who popularized the pencil skirt in the 1950s, when he presented his first haute couture collection. Years later, fashion icons such as Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe contributed to its popularity by frequently wearing it.

The renowned Burda Style has several pencil skirt patterns, such as Burda Style 6431, which offers two models. I’ve sewn the Burda special edition skirt pattern n69H, which I wear regularly. Make my Lemonade offers the Anaelle skirt sewing pattern, which looks stunning when worn.


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