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DIY : seeded cards.

DIY : seeded cards

Christmas is around the corner and the gift wrapping has already started. Accompany these gifts with homemade seeded cards so that your loved ones will think about you all year round. This simple DIY gift is more eco-friendly than most Christmas gifts, so go for it! It is best to choose seeds from the garden that have already been harvested, but you can of course opt for purchased seeds. I do not recommand choosing seeds that are too large (like sunflower seeds for example) if your paper is thin because they will easily pass through it. In case this happen you should choose fine seeds such as Chamomile, Borage, Calendula seeds. Bees will also love it.

Collect paper that was meant to be thrown away:

To begin, gather a bench of paper. Egg boxes, newspapers, A4 sheets are welcome. If you want your cards to be thin use A4 paper instead of eggs boxes for example. The amount of paper you gather depends on the number of cards you want to make and the capacity of your blender.

2. Mix the paper with hot water: Cut the paper into small pieces and blend it with hot water. The hot water should cover the paper. Blend until you get a liquid consistency. Add the water little by little if necessary so as not to have a too liquidy consistency. Do not hesitate to add tinted hot water (from avocado or onion skin for example) to add a little originality.

3. Dry: Once the paper is well mixed (avoid large lumps), place it on an paper sieve and then on an absorbent cloth to dry. The thicker the paper, the slower it will dry, so don't hesitate to apply a thin layer, especially if you are making them last minute. Sprinkle the paper with flower petals and seeds and let them dry. If the weather is not great use a hair dryer. Be careful to not leave your paper wet for too long so the seeds do not germinate.

4. Your cards are ready: Have fun and cut your cards as you wish. Add personalized messages and your seeded cards are done!

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