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Barcelona Two-Tone Dress Hack

Barcelona dress two tones

Second hack of the Barcelona dress (if you missed the first one, it's here): the two tone dress.

Very easy to make, this dress adds originality to your outfit.

To do this:

Add 1 cm to the paper pattern of the front dress and the back dress by putting a sheet underneath the pattern.

Illustration Barcelona dress

  • The lining remains the same as I recommend using a single fabric. You will need to fold the fabric as indicated on the pattern.

  • Choose 2 fabrics (or 4 if you decide to mismatch the front and back). These fabrics should be of the same material and weight for optimal results.

  • Cut the front pattern on the wrong side of the fabrics. The fabric should not be placed on the fold as both sides will later be sewn together.

  • On the wrong side of one of the two fabrics, remember to position the paper pattern upside down. Once the 2 fronts, the 2 backs are cut, and the darts are sewn:

  • Place the left front on the right front right sides together and sew the front center using a 1 cm seam allowance.

  • Finish and press the seams open.

  • Do the same for the 2 pieces of the back dress.

  • Assemble the front and back right sides together and sew the sides using a 1 cm seam allowance. The next steps are indicated in the instructions or on YouTube @marijediy: they remain unchanged. Don't forget to use the #robebarcelona and #marijediy so I can follow your creations on Instagram.

To download the PDF pattern, click here.


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